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Administrative Structure
The mandate of the administration is to ensure improved Service delivery, accountability and optimal use of Resources to achieve value for money.

The Sector consists of the following sub-sectors;
Human Resource
Information and Public Relations
County Administration
Records Management.

County Administration and Records Management.
This department mainly focuses on the following issues
Enhancing Good Governance
optimal use of Resources and Public accountability
deployment and staff development
support Supervision
monitoring of Government programmes
mentoring of Lower Local Governments
Coordination of implementation of Government programmes
integration of Government and non-governmental programmes
The department is headed by the Ag. Chief Administrative Officer and Principal Assistant Secretary at Head office. The department has some motorcycles used by SASs though they are old which affects their performance. As a starting District the department is lacking enough furniture, and other office equipment’s to use in the office. Rubanda District Local Government is operating from the former buildings of Rubanda County Headquarters which are dilapidated and few to accommodate all Staff.

Administrative units
The District consists of two constituencies divided into 7 sub-counties and 2 Town Councils, 48 parishes which are further divided into 475 villages/cells.

Staffing Level
Department Approved position Filled position Gap %age
Production and Marketing 28 16 12 57
Administration 40 4 36 10
Statutory Bodies 5 0 5 0
Finance and planning 16 2 16 15
Trade and local economic development 2 2 0 0
Works & Technical Services 15 4 11 27
Education and Sports 1324 1294 30 98
Community Development 14 8 6 57
Natural Resources 10 0 10 0
Internal Audit 2 0 2 0
Health 368 252 116 68
Procurement and Disposal Unit 2 0 2 0
Total 1824 1580 246 332
Source: Human Resources Section, December 2017

The staffing level was at 86.6% which seem be fair but the percentage has been attributed to education department health which had big numbers of the staff but other critical departments were such as finance, planning, Natural resources, internal audit, statutory bodies and Administration were very understaffed

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