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Only five forest reserves are found in Rubanda District. These are Mafuga, Kiirima, Muko, Echuya and Bwindi. The plantations are indicated below.
Reserve County Type of Forest Total Area(ha)
Mafuga Rubanda/Kanungu Coniferous plantation 2,670
Kirima Rubanda Coniferous plantation 1,028
Echuya Rubanda/Bufumbira Bamboo 3,405
Muuko Rubanda Coniferous plantation 168
Bwindi Rubanda/Bufumbira Impenetrable

The Coniferous/industrial plantations are mainly softwood plantations for pines and Cypress. Timber is being produced from the industrial plantations by both saw millers and pit sawyers. The only significant existent Natural forest is in Bwindi National Park in the north west of the District and Echuya. It should be noted that increased population pressure on land has led to disappearance of almost all the original natural vegetation in the District. It should be noted that the District does not possess any gazetted Local forest reserves.

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