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Planning and Finance
The department is mandated for coordination and support of the all departments in Planning and budgeting and execution of plans and budgets as well as programmes of the District.
The department ensures integrated planning and alignment with national, regional and global priorities as well as mentoring the Lower local Governments.
The department is headed by the district Planner. The department coordinates and facilitates the entire District planning system and develop plans that address population issues at all level of governance.

The department is mandated to facilitate
Expansion of District revenue
Improved financial management and accountability
Financial guidance to other sectors.
Finance department is manned
Finance officer
1 Senior Accounts Assistant
Two accounts Assistant at Head Office
9 Accounts Staff at Sub County level.

Planning Unit is manned by 1 Ag. District Planner, and planner with the rest of the positions not filled as per the structure.
Finance and Planning Sectors do not have any means of transport.
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