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The mandate of this department is to improve the quality of infrastructure development focusing on motorable roads throughout the year and accessibility of safe water and sanitation.
The Department is headed by the senior Civil Engineer (Acting District Engineer).
Other staff in the department include the following;
1 District Water Engineer
1 Assistant Engineering Officer (Civil)
1 Assistant Engineering Officer (Water)

The District is generally well served with road network although some of them are un motorable during the rainy season. The total network of feeder roads in the District is 418 km.
Roads managed by Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) in Rubanda District are 354.4km.They include
Kabale- Ikumba Road 20km
Karengyere Bypass 6km unpaved
Katuna- Rubaya- Muko Road 67km-unpaved
Kabale- L. Bunyonyi Road 8km-unpaved,
Access to Kacwekano Agricultural Research 0.4km-unpaved
Ikumba- Nfasha- Ruhija- Mpungu- Hamayanja- Butogota 38km unpaved
Hamurwa- Kerere road 16km unpaved
Ikumba – Muko road 30km paved

Water situation in the District
The overall safe water coverage in Rubanda District stands at 69.3%. However, water coverage varies from Sub County to Sub County. Latrine coverage in the District is high with 93% of the households with safe latrines.
Note:total percentage coverage is 69.2% and functionality of water sources/facilities standards at 89%. Coverage calculation is based on a source man ratio of 200 people per spring, 200 people per GFS tap, 300 people per borehole, and 11 people per communal tank . We are collecting and updating data on coverage and functionality.

It should be noted that most the households access the protected springs and other sources like boreholes, rainwater and water trucks/vendors compared to other sources shown in the table above. These sources were identified to be common in rural areas apart from water trucks/vendors, which is common in urban areas.

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